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Bluu Screen Productions was founded in 2010 by Gavin Bohne. Armed with an extensive background in electronics he sought to incorporate his passion for electronic gadgets with helping others find a way to integrate new technologies into their life. 


Gavin started working for a local Salt Lake City Dish Network and Direct TV retailer in 2002.  He quickly went from sales to management in the following 3 years moving from state to state to manage upstart satellite offices.  But as fate would have it family matters called him back home to his roots in Utah and a fresh start in an entirely different industry.


2006 was the year he discovered the legal industry, in a small niche of supporting workers who help preserve the record for all time.  The court reporting industry, though prehistoric in technology, provided Gavin with the very opportunity he had been hoping to find.  While the wheels of justice turn slowly Gavin was quick to open the eyes of those around him with new filing procedures, new software, and state of the art recording equipment.


Shortly after entering the realm of videography, Gavin attended a CLVS conference to learn proper legal deposition etiquette and guidelines.  This gave him a basic understanding on which to set his standards.  Gavin's ongoing belief that everyone should not simply participate but excel in every task you undertake continually drives him to operate at a higher standard of quality and professionalism.  He was the first videographer in Utah to offer quality MP3 audio recordings produced instantaneously in real time, and in 2009 he revolutionized the world of legal videography being the first and only videographer to record deponents if full 1080P resolution, then onto 4k in 2015.  Today we still strive to lead the industry in innovative cutting-edge technology for the courtroom.

In 2014 Bluu Screen Productions expanded its line-up of business profiles by adding Big Cheese Entertainment to the family. This company sought to fill a need in the market for higher quality, full service, zero hassle, outdoor movie night. Many of the local outfits in this business segment offered very little support to their customers requiring them to pick up, lug around,  and set up heavy and relatively technical equipment before they could enjoy an outdoor cinema experience. Big Cheese Entertainment made waves in the market boasting 1080P native resolution projectors at double the lumen output as the competitors. Coupled with a sound system that was optimized for clear vocal reproduction and ancillary subwoofers for booming bass, the overall product has exceeded the expectations of clients from day one. It wasn't the system alone that has achieved the numerous 5-star reviews,  but rather our zero-hassle full-service promise to ensure you don't have to lift a finger to enjoy a movie in the park and instead focus on enjoying present company or being a host and never a technician.


2016 brought on yet another great business addition as U Be The DJ was founded. Based on a personal experience while Gavin was trying to plan for his own wedding he became increasingly frustrated with the high priced mobile DJ services in Salt Lake City. Between the trouble trying to coordinate with a DJ to satisfy him and his future wife's very diverse music selections and coping with the DJ wanting to take control instead of adhering to the needs we requested, Gavin finally decided to scrap the DJ and simply rent the DJ gear needed to pull off the event. This route proved to be at a higher cost since local AV shops charged per fixture rather than a simple plug & play all in one DJ package. Nonetheless, the event was a great success. Gavin and his now wife built a stellar playlist from their collection of music over the years and sprinkled in some new hits using Spotify, which made for an effortless yet perfectly planned & timed playlist for their guests and themselves to enjoy and remember forever. Gavin simply wanted to recreate the same fun experience of being the DJ for a night for other engaged couples, party hosts, or corporate groups without the cost of renting from an audiovisual company or having to work within the parameters of a live mobile DJ. As such U Be The DJ is designed with 3 simple to use packages from mild to wild and U Be The DJ delivers, sets, and strikes everything so the only thing you need to do is bring your playback device (Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, etc.), plug it in, and hit play on your favorite booty-shaking beats. 


In 2018 Black Beard Audio Visual put down its roots in Salt Lake City, Utah. Expanding upon the previous foundations of unsurpassed customer service and industry-leading innovative AV rental solutions Bluu Screen Productions is proud to offer an even further-reaching variety of high-quality rental equipment and top-notch professional audiovisual support under the Black Beard AV flag.

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        <span itemprop="streetAddress">7231 Chari Cir.</span>

        <span itemprop="addressLocality">West Jordan</span>,

        <span itemprop="addressRegion">UT</span>

        <span itemprop="postalCode">84084</span>

        <span itemprop="addressCountry">US</span>


    Phone: <span itemprop="telephone">801-796-2588</span>

    Website: <a itemprop="URL"></a>



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